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    (Mar 6, 2017)


    I have been trying to divorce an abusive man for the past 3 years. We have 3 young children together. He has laid hands on me in front of the kids, stalked me, falsely imprisoned me, broken into the home; he physically removes the children from me by force when he feels like it. He drives drunk with the kids, but has not been caught. He sabotages my efforts to work, caused the home to foreclose by not paying the court-ordered mortgage for 2 years...8 false DCF reports against me (all unfounded), he has harassed me with the police, health department, and litigated me into poverty. My attorney, a very good attorney, just dumped me because the court won't award him attorneys fees, even though my husband makes $365,000/yr and I am on State aid. My attorney was owed $20,000 and quit. Now, I have no access to the kids, because my husband keeps them from me, and I have no lawyer. I have probably applied for 30-40 jobs in 3 years trying to stay employed. I have sought assistance everywhere from Law Enforcement to the Courts, the VA, Domestic Violence shelter, legal aid, churches, DCF...I have been unable to get a restraining order, am finally in the beginning stages of suing for child support (Child Support Enforcement), and am trying to get a pro bono attorney so I can have my kids in my life.Prayer works. The last time I went online and did a prayer request blitz, an anonymous person in church gave me $1,000. Plus other miracles.

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    Please pray the Lord will provide a good lawyer to protect my children and me from domestic violence and finish divorce. Please, Lord, return the kids to me (their Dad keeps them from me). Heal, protect, and intercede on children's behalf. Give the children Guardian Ad litems and access to therapy, and let no man take that from them. Lord, give my children a voice! Reunite our family, let Him be REAL and PALPABLE to the children. Send many angels and blessings to this family. Let us prevail in court, Let Truth shine. Lord, send me to Law School so I can be a warrior for the Human Rights of all of your children! Give us strength, wisdom, peace. Thank you, Amen

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